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SVA Test


As with the Quantum, Rod kindly offered to come to the SVA test with me. We loaded up his car the night before with tools, a can of petrol, spare wheel and jack, tow rope, jump leads, cable ties, nut covers, rubber sheet, Titanfast trim, foam pieces etc etc. I then put another half a gallon of fuel in the Firefox's tank, to make sure I had enough to get to the filling station in the morning.


Up at 6am after a rather sleepless night. The forecast for the day was fine and dry in the morning, but heavy rain was on its way later. I put my crash helmet and gloves on and put a waterproof coat, leggings, gauntlets, umbrella and even a pair of wellies in the Onyx's passenger footwell. We left the house, in glorious sunshine, at 6.50am.

First stop was Sainsbury's filling station, which is only about a mile away. At the petrol pumps, I managed to get another four gallons of fuel in the tank, so it must hold a total of about five gallons. We then set off for Avonmouth. This time, I decided to be brave and use the motorway network, rather than fight my way across town. After being slowed by heavy traffic at the infamous Hambrook lights on the ring road, the M32, M4, M48 and A403 were plain sailing, with very little traffic about. The car went well and didn't miss a beat, although I kept searching for a sixth gear! The brakes were excellent, but the handling and road-holding weren't really tested on such a journey. I was pleasantly surprised by the ride quality for such a light kit car.

VOSA SVA test station, Avonmouth.

7.45am, outside the test station. Look at that sunshine.

 Onyx Firefox kit car SVA test

Tea break. The brake test rollers are just in front of the car.

Minister's Approval Certificate

It passed!


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