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Kit Collection
The kit components were collected from Onyx on the 25/09/04. All items were ready, except for the front bodywork mounting brackets. These will be posted to me later.

The bare chassis and floor panel in the van.

Followed by the rest of the kit.

A garage full of new bits. The bodywork was later taken up to the spare bedroom, to stop it getting bashed about and to give me some more room to work.

Pictures of the bare chassis...

The pictures of the chassis outdoors were taken a week after collection. Some light surface rust has started to appear - especially where I've handled the metal with my bare hands. I intend to have the chassis and roll bar powder-coated after all the drilling, filing and welding has been done. I spoke to the boss of the coating company I'll be using, who recommended putting a very light smear of clean engine oil on the rusty areas. He also said NOT to use WD40, 3 in one oil or similar, as they can contain silicone, which causes real problems with the coating process.

The passenger compartment of the chassis. Brackets are fitted for: 1:roll bar front mount, 2:roll bar rear mount, 3: harness lower outer mount, 4:seat cross-member mounts, 5:gear lever, 6:handbrake lever, 7:roll bar centre mount, 8:harness lower inner mounts, 9:handbrake cable.

The N/S/F of the chassis, seen from the front. 1:front shock absorber top mount (requires drilling), 2:locates on front suspension upper arm spindle, 3:bolts to the top of the subframe. 4: main subframe mounting bolt tube, 5:engine stabiliser brackets (require drilling).

The O/S/F of the chassis, showing 1:Steering column mountings, 2:Pedal box mounting plates. The lower pedal mounting bracket requires drilling, the top one is pre-drilled.

The bare roll bar. This is the optional twin-hoop version.

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